Worfield Capital

Worfield Capital (UK) PLC is a UK based institution focused on mortgage related products.

Mortgage Loan

Our lending sources are diligent in all aspects of residential & commercial lending.

Real Estate Investment & Securitization

We offer asset-backed security products ranging from as short as 1 year to as long as 10 years.

House Fund Management

Managed by our team of elite fund managers who have extensive knowledge and experience in the UK & Ireland property industry.
  • I was able to purchase my first property with the help of Worfield Capital's Mortgage Loan.
    - Tom Johnson
  • My company deals with commercial properties, and Worfield Capital has been a great financial partner.
    - Joan Avina
  • Worfield Capital offers a range of asset-back security products, I was able to find my desire investment option in them.
    - Gordon Dale

Check what we can do for you

Whether you are a potential real estate buyer looking for funds to purchase your dream home, or a company looking to grow your capital safely and securely, Worfield Capital PLC is uniquely structured to serve your needs.